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United Football League


The League:  Millard United Sports has partnered with many of the premier youth football organizations in the area to form the Midwest United Football League (UFL).  This new league gives teams options that were not available in past years, including the ability to attend tournaments outside of the league, participate with regional and national travel teams, and compete with other Nebraska teams at the highest levels.   The UFL will also keep the format and style of football very similar to what teams have been used to in the past. 

This league's season is broken into two separate components; a regular-season league, and a pre-and post-season tournament option.  Everyone who participates will automatically play a regular season league schedule.  If teams choose, they can also select to play in additional tournaments outside of the season.

Divisions are based on grade levels for the 2022-2023 school year.  Parents can elect to have the child play up one grade level.

League's Regular Season: Games typically begin in late August and the season goes through October or early November.  Teams will play 8 games during the regular season and games can be played on Saturdays or Sundays.  2-3 games per season may require some minimal travel to games outside of the immediate Omaha area.

Practice times & locations - the United Football League does not set or keep track of team practice schedules. Please contact coaches for practice schedules. Practices typically don't start until August; most teams practice at least three times per week.

Pre-and Post Season Play:  The United Football League wants to make available to all teams the opportunity to excel and develop their players and compete against other top teams in the region and country.  As such UFL allow teams to participate in pre and post-season tournament play around the country.  

The option to travel for tournaments is at the discretion of the coach, players and parents involved and the costs and timelines will be discussed with the parents who may accept or decline to participate. A combination of team fees and fundraising will be used to cover the cost of the tournament entry fees.  Any player who chooses not to participate is not penalized for not participating. 

League Requirements for Players:

  • All players are required to have a physical prior to starting practices (can be completed by your doctor or Urgent Care & must be current).  
  • All players that are in 7th grade are required to complete an ImPact Test prior to starting practices.
  • Players will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate and proof of grade (report card) to their coach for team weigh-ins.