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Locations for Softball Teams

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Where are we playing softball at?

Below is a comprehensive list of fields used by both our In-House and Competitive softball  and baseball teams for either practices or home, away or tournament games.  Competitive teams play games at sites not maintained by Millard United Sports which are included on this list...

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Abbot Field

1313 N. 156th Street, NE 68118

Ackerman Field

5110 S. 156th Street, NE 68135

Airpark Field

3720 NW 47th St., Lincoln NE

Aldrich Field

506 N. 162nd Ave, NE 68118

Al Veys

6506 South 60th Street, Omaha NE

Andersen Fields (MUS)

13625 Cottner Street, Omaha NE

Andersen Middle

15404 Adams St. NE 68137

Antler Field

20790 Glenn St, Elkhorn NE

Arkfield Park

3400 NW 47th St., Lincoln NE

Armbrust Park

South 167th St & Spring Circle, Omaha NE

Armory Field

5th Street & 27th Avenue, Columbus NE

Baldwin Fields

1200 Ludwig Drive, Bellevue NE

Ballard Field

3975 North 66th Street, Lincoln NE

The Barn - now called Field House (MUS)

9980 S 148th St, Ste 400, Omaha NE 68138

Beadle Middle

18201 Jefferson St., NE 68135

Bellevue Lied Center Complex Fields

2700 Arboretum Drive, Bellevue, NE

Benson High School

5120 Maple St, Omaha NE 68104

Black Elk

6708 S. 161st Ave, NE 68135

Black Elk - Lower

16301 Z Street, NE 68135

Black Elk - Upper

16301 Z Street, NE 68135

Blondy Ruff Baseball Field

800 E Halleck Street, Papillion, NE

Bowling Green Baseball Field

70th & Blondo, Omaha, NE

Brookhaven Park

South 116th Street, Omaha NE 68137

Brown Park

5708 S 15th St, Omaha, NE

Bryan Elementary

5010 S. 144th St, NE 68137

Bryan High School

4700 Giles Road, NE 68157

Burke High School

12200 Burke Street, Omaha, NE

Cather Field

3030 S. 139th St., NE 68144

Central Middle

12801 L Street., NE 68137

Champions Village

14402 Harlan Lewis Rd, Bellevue, NE

Christ Community Church

404 South 108th Ave, Omaha NE

Christensen Field

West 16th & Ridge Road, Fremont, NE

City Park

7700 Josephine St, La Vista NE

Cody Field

3320 S. 127th St., NE 68144

Cooper Park

600 D Street, Lincoln NE

CSM - College of St. Mary's Field

7000 Mercy Road, Omaha, NE

Densmore Complex

6601 South 14th Street, Lincoln, NE

Dill Fields (MUS)

69th Street & Military Avenue, Omaha NE

Disney Field

5717 S. 112th St., NE 68137

Dodge Park

11001 John J Pershing Dr, Omaha NE

Elks Field

3600 Normal Blvd, Lincoln NE

Elkhorn High School

1401 Veterans Dr, Elkhorn NE 68022

Elkhorn South High School Softball Field

20303 Blue Sage Parkway, Elkhorn, NE


14111 Blondo St., NE 68164

Field House - formerly called The Barn (MUS)

9980 S 148th St, Ste 400, Omaha NE 68138

Flemming Fields

3300 Huntington Avenue, Lincoln NE

Please note that not all fields are "pet-friendly"

Fonner Park

700 E Stolley Park Rd, Grand Island NE

Fricke Field

Halleck St & S Osage, Papillion, NE

GISH - Grand Island Senior High Field

2124 North Lafayette Avenue, Grand Island, NE

George Park

2301 Independence Avenue, Grand Island NE

Gerrard Park

West 27th Street & 44th Avenue, Columbus NE

Goehner Field

1023 State Highway 80G Link, Goehner, NE

Grandview Middle School

17801 Grand Ave, Omaha, NE

Gretna High School

11335 S 204th St, Gretna NE 68028

Gretna Sports Complex (GSC)

10550 S 222nd St, Gretna, NE

Grover Field

6402 Grover Street, Omaha, NE

Hagge Field

210th & Cornhusker, Gretna, NE

Halleck Park & Halleck West

Grant St. & Monroe St., Papillion, NE

Harmon Park

3100 5th Avenue, Kearney, NE

Harvey Oaks - Upper

1855 S 152nd St, Omaha, NE 68144

Harvey Oaks School

15228 Shirley Street, NE, 68144

Hastings High School

18th & N. Saunders Ave, Hastings, NE

Hayworth Park

Payne and Mission, Bellevue NE

Hawthorne Park

South 177th St & Karen St, Omaha NE

Hillsborough Park

4600 N 138th St, Omaha NE


8150 Western Ave, Omaha, NE


5809 S. 104th ST., 68127

Holling Heights

6565 S. 136th Street, NE 68137

Holmes Park

3200 South 70th Street, Lincoln NE

Iowa West Complex or River City Sports Complex

1610 East South Omaha Bridge Road, Council Bluffs, IA

Kelley Fields

12400 Fort Street, Omaha NE

Keystone Fields

4705 North 120th Street, Omaha NE

Kiewit Middle

15650 Howard St, NE 68118

Kiwanis Field

3100 J Street, Lincoln NE

LaBeau - Lower

15159 Drexel St., NE 68137

LaBeau - Upper

15159 Drexel St., NE 68137

Lamp Park

113 N. 114th Street, Omaha NE

Lane Field (RCBSA)

1610 E S Omaha Bridge Rd, Council Bluffs IA

La Vista Sports Complex

7436 South 66th Street, La Vista NE

Lawlor's Sporting Goods

4414 S. 84th Street, Omaha NE

Lewis Field

Capitol Parkway & J Street, Lincoln NE

Lied Center Complex

2700 Arboretum Drive, Bellevue, NE

Lincoln High School

2229 J St, Lincoln NE

Mahoney Park

70th & Fremont Street, Lincoln NE

McCann Park

898 Lila Ave, Bellevue NE

Millard Highlands (Rockwell)

6370 South 140th Ave, Omaha NE

Millard North High School

1010 S 144th St, Omaha 68154

Millard South High School

14905 Q Street, Omaha NE 68137

Millard West High School

5710 S 176th Ave, Omaha NE 68135


2405 S. 138th St, NE 68144


1805 S. 160th St., NE 68130


15130 Drexel St., NE 68137

Northwest High School

8204 Crown Point Ave, Omaha NE 68134


12424 Weir St, NE 68137

North Middle

2828 S. 139th Plaza, NE 6135

North Park #1

235 E Westplains Rd, Gretna NE

Norwalk (McAninich Park)

200 Wright Road, Norwalk, IA

Omaha North High School

4405 Fontenelle Blvd (Fontenelle Park)

Omaha South High School

2110 O Street, Omaha, NE 68107

Omaha Sports Complex (OSC)

14706 Giles Rd, Omaha NE

Optimist Youth Sports Complex (OYSC)

5300 South Folsom Street, Lincoln NE

Oswego Field

1888 West 5th Street, Hastings NE

Papio Bay Ballfields

800 East Halleck Street, Papillion NE

Pickard Park

1457 Iowa 92, Indianola, IA

Pierson Field

83rd & Park Drive, Ralston, NE

Petersen East & West Fields

1125 E 1st St, Papillion NE

Platte Duestche Field

1315 West Anna Street, Grand Island NE

Plum Creek Park (4-Plex)

2222 Karol Kay Blvd, Seward NE

PrimeTime Sporting Goods

10933 Harrison St, La Vista NE

Ralston High School

8989 Park Dr, Ralston NE 68127


4440 S. 198th Ave, NE 68135


19202 Chandler St, NE 68028

Rocket Park

3525 South 94th Street, Omaha NE

Rockwell (Millard Highlands) (MUS)

6370 South 140th Ave, Omaha NE


17701 F Street, NE 68135

Roxbury Park

5414 S 116th Street, Omaha NE

Russell Middle

5304 S.172nd Street, NE 6835

Sandoz Fields (MUS)

5959 Oak Hills Drive, Omaha NE

Schilke Fields

Old US Hwy 275 & River Road, Fremont NE

Sawyer Snell Park

250 South Street, Lincoln NE

Seymour Complex

6603 S 72nd Street, Omaha NE

Somerset Park

7250 Wenninghoff Road, Omaha NE

Tahazouka Park

999 Center Street, Elkhorn NE

Trendwood Park

13333 Pacific Street, Omaha NE

Towl Park

93rd & West Center Road, Omaha NE


8686 S. 165th ST., NE 68136

Volunteer Ballfield

603 East Halleck, Papillion NE

Wager Field

8200 Park Drive, Ralston NE

Westchester Fields (MUS)

4915 Marshall Dr, Omaha NE

Westgate Fields

8100 D Street, Omaha NE

Westside High School

8701 Pacific St, Omaha 68114


6707 S. 178th St, NE 68135

Whitehawk Baseball Fields

19454 F Street, Omaha NE


16901 P. Street, NE 68135

The Yard (Former Gladiator Park)

7222 Irvington Road, Omaha, NE

Zorinsky Lake Fields (MUS)

4176 South 168th Street, Omaha NE