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What is the MABL league? How does Millard United represent itself in the league?

MABL is an acronym for the Metro Area Baseball League - a league comprised of teams from approximately 12 athletic associations across the greater Omaha area.  The league is established for player ages 15 - 18 years old. There are 2 Divisions including 15/16 and 17/18.  Our teams will be represented beginning 2017 as 'Millard United'.

What is Millard United?

In 2016, MAA and KWAA merged to become the new Millard United. The acronyms MAA and KWAA are retired.

Does a player have to live in Millard to play Millard United MABL?

At the Age 15-18 level, players can come from across the metropolitan area.  You simply need to meet the age requirements.  Millard United teams have historically had several Millard area students, however,  it is certainly not a requirement.

What associations are currently involved?

In addition to Millard United, Keystone, Omaha Suburban, Papillion, Ralston, Westgate, Hillside, Memorial, Elkhorn, Gretna, Boys Town, Blair and Cedar Bluffs baseball programs all have teams entered into the league.

How many teams does Millard United enter into the league annually?

Millard United is planning up to (4) 16U and (4) 18U teams.  This number may vary due to demand and field space available for this age group.

Who plays in the MABL league?

MABL is a competitive baseball league created for high school aged players who are not participating on High School or Legion baseball teams, but have a desire to continue to play great baseball.  Many players are former High School and/or youth Select (A, AA and AAA/Major) program players through USSSA. Many players have chosen other sports as their primary sport or are complementing school with employment - limiting their availability to play baseball due to the difficult High School time commitment.  All players from all baseball backgrounds are welcome to tryout for the MABL teams.

MABL also is the premier choice for multi-sport athletes that focus on alternate sports as their primary sport OR for athletes that need to maintain employment during the summer.  MABL offers a less rigid schedule and much more flexibility than historical Legion programs.

If you still want to compete in baseball (regardless of experience), are a multi-sport athlete with another sport as your focus,  and/or option to maintain employment over the summer, the Millard United teams are a great option for you.

What are the age divisions and the age requirements?

There are traditionally two divisions of play within MABL:

  • 15/16 Competitive (16U (As long as you are 16 on January 1, 2022)
  • 17/18 Competitive 18U (As long as you are 18 on January 1, 2022)
  • NOTE: (15/16's can play up 1 level to age 17/18)

Millard United participates with multiple teams in each division of play.  Teams are created on an annual basis as players take part in open tryouts.  Teams can retain players from year to year after Age 15 initial team assembly. Each team carries between 12-14 players for the season.  A benefit of this team size is greater playing time for teammates than High School or Legion programs.

What is the schedule like?

Teams will play "home and away" series with teams within the league, meaning games will be played both at Millard United fields as well as at locations across the metro area.  The season ends with a state tournament.  Teams are also eligible to schedule out of league games or tournaments including area Legion games.

When do games begin?

Typically, the MABL regular season game schedule runs from April 15 - June 30.  The season end State Tournament begins immediately after July 14th  (for approximately 3-4 days). Practice can occur in April once teams are finalized. You can expect 2-3 games/week and practices will be at the discretion of the coach. MABL is not designed as an every night program (like Legion).  Each team will be scheduled for a minimum of 24 regular season games plus the season end tournament (between 2-6 games double elimination). Also, teams can schedule additional games or area Legion or other tournaments at their discretion. MUS teams average about 30-35 games.  Travel is generally limited to the Omaha area.

Official games are not played between July 1 and July 4 (allowing for family travel). However, teams can practice or play non-official games during this period to keep fresh prior to the tournament.

What is the cost for playing in MABL?

The player cost for the 2021 season is a Registration Fee of $340 + a City of Omaha Park Rental Fee of $9.50 + $5 Volunteer Verification & Assurance Fee for a total cost of $354.50.  All fees cover jerseys, pants, cap, umpire fees, balls, team insurance and field rental. IMPORTANT: This fee also includes a 3 month (June-August) Hitting Membership to MUS Indoor Facilities for all players ($120 value). 

If a team voluntarily agrees and enters a Regular season tournament the cost would be shared by the players/families.

Who coaches MABL teams?

Coaches are a combination of non-parent or parent coaches.  Regardless, Millard United places strong emphasis on assigning coaches that have appropriate baseball playing and/or strong coaching experience.  Coaches are well qualified to coach this level and age of player.

How do we register for MABL teams?

Post tryouts, a private registration link is provided to players assigned.  This link must be registered within 48 hours of being sent.  You cannot sign up or register prior to tryouts or prior to receiving this link.

What do players and families enjoy most about the MABL?

The MABL league, while competitive, also allows players to continue to compete and prepare for off season sports (football, Lacrosse, basketball, hockey, etc.).  Practices can not begin until after April 1 upon team selections and become much more limited once the April 15 season begins.

The MABL league brings the fun back in to baseball.  More games, slightly less practices and workouts and a great talent level of competition. 

We continue to see a high level of demand for this baseball option.