The three remaining teams that are assembled at 8U each year will be a part of the new Legends School. For the Legends teams, MUS will identify the coaches for these teams in the same way coaches are currently determined. Interviews in April and early May will be conducted with coaches being announced in late May. The Legends coaches will select their rosters at tryouts after the players for the Elite Team Academy have been selected.

The 8U Legends teams will participate in fall training; however, those teams will not follow the same curriculum as the 9U-14U teams. Instead, the three Elite teams and the three Legends teams will conduct their training at the same time and go through the exact same training. The only difference will be that the Elite teams will conduct their training on one side of the Championship Center to better facilitate assessments for their team selection process and the Legends teams will conduct their training on the other side of the Championship Center.

To reiterate, these two programs will conduct their training in conjunction with one another and the shared curriculum will be developed by Sean Centeno, Manager of Development & Programming.