Beginning in 2021, MUS 8U Elite teams will follow an academy-style program. There will be 22 players selected at tryouts to be part of the Academy and ultimately be assigned to one of two 8U Elite teams. Additionally, there will be a 7U Elite team selected, bringing the total number of players involved in the Academy on a yearly basis to 33.

At tryouts, families will be offered a spot in the Academy. They will not know their team or who their coaches will be until December 1 when the teams are assigned. These players will train together throughout the fall and winter up until the start of the season.

Potential coaches will participate in the training and will be assigned based on their performance during the Academy. The coaches for the two Elite teams will be selected prior to December 1 so that those coaches will have time to develop game schedules and perform other team organizational duties prior to players being assigned to teams. Each year as we look to identify the 8U coaches, it is anticipated that the 7U coach from the prior year will likely be one of the two coaches that will be named for an 8U team; thus, each year our hope is to have an experienced coach and a core of experienced players to help guide and lead the new 8U coaches and players through the training process.